Wednesday, November 2, 2011


With VIX closing sub 33, a hold signal was confirmed.

3:43pm ET: A short signal will be confirmed if, and only if the VIX closes above 33. Anything lower than 33 will keep the system sidelined with a hold signal. Currently @ 33.26!

Unfortunately, as many of you know, the VIX will not settle until 4:15pm. So we may not know until then what the official signal is. An after hours trade or a trade on tomorrow's open may be needed.

12:57: As long as the VIX stays in the 33-34 range, I'll get another short signal. But there's plenty of action left today, especially with the fed release so I won't get my hopes up just yet.


  1. Looks like we didn't make it, eh?

  2. Yes its unfortunate. Futs are down pretty good. :-/

  3. Exactly J, which is why this whole market's dynamics has been painful...

    I have a small position short and thought I was good this morning... not

  4. This is definitely odd. I'm getting another good shorting opportunity today if we don't sell off this afternoon. I've never seen so many potential short signals from my system during a "healthy" market.

  5. J, you might need to redefine your system's health indicator. This market is far from healthy...

    But how do you factor in "manipulation" ???

  6. be fair to my system it flipped to healthy back on 10/10 when SPX closed @ 1194. We've risen 60+ points since then.

    As far as manipulation goes, my system thrives on it! :)