Monday, November 14, 2011

Strong buy confirmed.

3:55pm: Buy signal (strong) is confirmed.

2:22pm: I'm getting a buy signal today. It's borderline right now, but we may even get a strong buy signal, which simply means the unhealthy mode is giving a buy signal in addition to the healthy mode (which we are in). A strong signal carries with it better results/returns than a normal signal, thus I will sometimes throw additional capital into the ring. Not always though. The official system does not, and if anyone is following my system verbatim, I would recommend not to deviate either. Just for reference, the system always allocates 50% of its capital on the first signal (no matter the strength) and saves the rest for possible dollar cost averaging - because believe it or not my system is not perfect and it can not nail the exact turning point every time. :)


  1. Sadly, no dry powder for me today so I will have to see how tomorrow goes...

    Thanks for all you do J !!!

  2. J, does this morning's gap down change anything in your system?

    I hate to try and guess the low, get into TNA and find out your system might cover or short today...

    Thanks !!

  3. Getting a plain sell signal today. No short. Sorry didn't get back to you earlier. Was busy all day.