Thursday, October 27, 2011

Short confirmed.

The short signal was confirmed, barely. Days like Thursday reveal a weakness with my system. By the time you figure out what the signal is, there may be just a few seconds left before the closing bell rings - hardly enough time to execute a trade. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. In this case the good news is that given the upward thrust we had, the closing prices will most likely be revisited even if we gap down on Friday. So, I will be placing a limit short order for TNA 52.37. (Or limit buy order for TZA 27.91) If it fills, great. If not, no damage done.

3:55pm: Holy cow, I had a nice discussion typed up but I just looked at the market and it's screwing me up. We need to close above SPY 128.56 to get a short signal. Otherwise, HOLD in cash.


  1. So far great call. Was filled at 27.80.

  2. Thanks, John. Today will probably be a hold signal, so looks like we'll be short over the weekend.