Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short if...

Short signal if SPY closes positive @ 119.59 or higher...

I was thinking we would get this signal yesterday, but with TNA up another 2% we'll be getting an even better price today.

Ready to initiate 50% short TNA position on close.


  1. I've got a feeling you're on the right track.

  2. Michele, J...

    How does the "right track" feel this morning with a gap up (above resistance) and a failing dollar (manipulation?)...

  3. Wow! Someone should tell the market it's going the wrong way. :)

  4. Right track, wrong train. The purpose of days like today is to keep me from feeling infallible :-)

    Both the Dow and SPX are now at the top of their summer trading ranges. Tomorrow's going to be critical. We either finally break out, or the technicals assert themselves and we go lower. Right now, I'm not too proud to admit I have no clue.