Monday, September 16, 2013

The streak is broken. :)

Man, after a couple years of not missing an update I got completely sidetracked on Friday and forgot to post. It was a hold signal for all those counting. This busy stretch I'm in continued today and caused me to miss the pre-close update as well. Shameful. :) After an ugly open for bears, things eased as the day unfolded and losses were pared. Both systems continue to hold the short signal again today. Today's candle doesn't seem too bull friendly so I wouldn't be shocked to see a pullback in the near future. One can hope anyway... Thanks and we'll see you tomorrow! On time, Lord willing! J


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    1. J, is there anything you can say about your proprietary system as to why it has been so bearish all year?

      Yours is definitely not the only one, but I was curious if you knew why.


  2. That's OK. Glad nothing's wrong. I missed a post two weeks ago on my blog for the first time in three years. No one seemed to notice :-)

    1. Michelle, what's the web address for your blog? If you don't want to post it publicly, you can email it to me at


    2. I just don't want to seem like I'm advertising on someone else's blog. But since I'm listed right here at the bottom of this page anyway, I guess there's no harm:

  3. Dunno if this is the case or not, but sometimes it's very tempting to tune out when things aren't going so well. Trusting in your system and practicing patience are some of the best things that you can do. I appreciate your updates, so thanks for being present.

  4. Thank you, J, for the continuous efforts.