Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fighting the fed...

I've apparently forgotten the 2 rules of trading, don't fight the fed, and whatever you do, don't fight the fed. All systems remain steadfastly short. I will continue to hold until my systems tell me not to, or until my account hits 0...whichever comes first. Thx for reading...


  1. J, have you given any thought to RMI's question (posted below)?

    1. He's probably busy (his real job), so its understandable he hasn't answered.

      We can hope he can talk to us this week-end.

  2. Do you plan to update your performance stats any time soon? Thanks.

  3. great job again by the best system out there, if you want to blow up your account or just want to drive your account to 0 for fun like the author here, pretty impressive last short trade holding over 2 months for a great return 30% loss