Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Short signals

I'm seeing short signals flashing from every possible angle of each system. I'm increasing to 90% TZA today and will go 100% short on any FOMC strength tomorrow. Thanks!


  1. That is an encouraging post J!

    I sure hope this trade pays off soon. I went 100% way too early today...

    oh well :)

  2. J, I don't see the short signals... still looking for higher... I'll start joining you on this short at ES 1651 just to keep you company, but keeping it small because the SPX 60min has a beautiful inv H&S pattern on it and those have been golden in this mkt. If that thing gets any traction, yer looking straight in the face of 1695-1700 ... which is where I'd start adding next round of shorts. So, I hope this works for ya. Ideally what you want to see is the mkt to hammer down for a few minutes right outta the gate tomorrow on FOMC ann't. If it goes up, instead, then look-out.