Friday, June 28, 2013

Hold shorts.

Things were looking good this morning, but apparently we are back into the "buy the dip" mode.  Both JTS and CCI will remain short.  I will hold my 90% short position (60% TZA, 30% UVXY) and 10% cash. 

Thanks! June sigs...
Date JT Composite... XIV/TNAJ-TraderCCI
May 31 100% CashShort Long
Jun 3 100% CashHoldHold
Jun 4 50% Long XIV 22.23/48.39Cover Hold
Jun 5 50% Long XIVHoldHold
Jun 6 50% Long XIVHoldHold
Jun 7 100% Cash22.48/49.05ShortHold
Jun 10 100% Short TNA 22.72/49.97HoldShort
Jun 11 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jun 12 100% Cash20.00/46.95HoldLong
Jun 13 50% Short TNA20.94/49.41HoldSell
Jun 14 50% Short TNAHoldHold
Jun 17 100% Short TNA20.77/49.21HoldShort
Jun 18 100% Short TNAShortShort
Jun 19 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jun 20 50% Long TNA 18.48/45.19CoverLong
Jun 21 50% Long TNAHoldHold
Jun 24 50% Long TNAHoldHold
Jun 25 50% Long TNAHoldHold
Jun 26 50% Short TNA19.11/45.68ShortSell
Jun 27 100% Short TNA19.86/47.81ShortShort
Jun 28 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 1 100% Short TNAHoldHold


  1. Yes, a good week-end to all.

  2. Thanks J, wow, nice close, that last 5 mins sure is fun!

    1. lol, not if you were trying to buy a VIX short ETF...

      UVXY spiked as I was trying to enter the order...

  3. sizeable gap up as of now... don't expect this to fade today.

    1. You are always full of contrarian news...

    2. Just callin' it as the stats forecast.

  4. I'm sure that J, who's 90% invested in TZA, appreciates the good news.

    1. What good news? TZA is down again this morning...

      I expect a turn around, but we may have to deal with 2-3 days of pain first...

  5. We'll see what J's systems (and J) say, but I suspect that there will be some kind of holiday reversal this week. Of course, I will always defer to a system with a verifiable track record over my own, decidedly unverifiable, suspicions.

  6. Replies
    1. lol, yuppers...

      but the market is giving some of its gains back :-)