Monday, June 24, 2013

Hold @ 50% TNA

JTS is not interested in going long yet.  However, the CCI is giving a fresh buy signal.  With the systems in disagreement, I will maintain my cash position. This is fine w/ me as I think lower prices are in our near future. 


  1. Sure, make those of us in "that" system feel bad because we are long... ;-)

    Oh, well... maybe things will look positive.

    Thanks J!!

  2. As a follow-up to my previous question about shorting leveraged etfs, does anyone know what the costs are to short something like TNA or TZA at Interactive Brokers?

    My idea is to use leveraged etf decay in my favor by shorting TZA on a buy signal and TNA on a sell. As I said in my previous post on this issue, it seems that shorting offers better returns even in the short term, but I'm not sure if this advantage is undermined by shorting costs.

    1. If I remember correctly, J chose to short TNA vice buying TZA for awhile. Not sure if he still does it or not, but I believe your theory is why he did it that way...