Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hold signals

Jt comp remains 50% xiv w cci long and jts in cash. I'm sidelined. Thx!


  1. thanks as always, have a great evening

  2. J.... wow... what a day! As I said yesterday, I was buyin' weakness all day today... then the rocket ride to my "SPX should move back up to 1623" target ... HOD 1622.56... but w/them running the futs higher right after the 4pm (cash) close, I'm out above the (cash) HOD. Doesn't get much sweeter than that.

    Hopefully we'll catch the next one together... and, for now, we are pretty much together -- sidelined.

    From here, I could spin this thing higher or lower. Bad spot to start new trades. Great place to take profits after buying weakness all day today.

  3. JKH Nice call on the 1623. Can't do it much better than that.