Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Short if...

If SPY closes over 137.01 the JTS goes short and the composite goes 100% short. Thx and happy 4th!


  1. I went G fund in my TSP today and bought some TZA in after hours at 16.81. Hopefully we make some money on Thurs/Fri. :)

    Happy 4th everyone!

  2. Hey J,

    Any thoughts on the VIX, I shorted some XIV @ 12 yesterday. The spot vix is below 17 now. Your inout shall be appreciated.


    1. I know no one asked me, but what the heck - XIV: sitting right at 2 month resistance, 2 days on upper BB, highly overbought, RSI just peaked, gained 2% today on lowered volume, but the stochastic has yet to execute a bearish crossover. I'd say the adventurous could go short here, but the more conservative might want to wait another day or so.

    2. thanks michele , i like reading your blog along with J traders trades.