Monday, July 30, 2012

JTS Buy If...

JT System is producing a buy signal if SPY Closes 138.42 or higher. CCI will remain on a short signal regardless. JT Comp will go to cash if this is the case. The JTS will hold the short if SPY 138.41 or lower and then the Comp would remain 100% short.



  1. thx, JT, CASH it is, since SPY is well above the threshold. It must be super stressful for you to compute these parameters into the home stretch-- we always appreciate it when you can crank it out with several minutes to act.

    Today was a piece of cake, plenty of time to adjust accordingly. CASH is king. :)

  2. Thanks, it can be stressful sometimes. But I have been trading after-hours so I don't have to worry about getting my the trade done by 4p. I just got a pretty good price on my TZA a few mins ago. Well.... it's a good price relative to today's trading. If tomorrow is down 200 I probably won't be too happy.

  3. I agree about the ease of trading TNA and TZA after hours. Personally, when I can, I just set a MOC order. Waiting for a better price has a 50/50 chance of succeeding, but it has a 100% probability of causing anxiety. Over time, a MOC order will get you the best average price. But, when I can't trade MOC, I find that TNA and TZA are liquid well after market close.