Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holding shorts ...

All 3 systems will maintain their short positions. Thx.


  1. thx, JT. These early postings make it so relaxing execution-wise.

    “July 18 begins one of the worst periods of the year for the Nasdaq; since 1971 it has fallen during this period 23 out of 41 years, and the annualized return for the period has averaged -53%.” -T.Bowley, Stockcharts contributor.

    Unfortunately Mr. Bowley did not define the precise period; however from the context I imagine he was referring to days and weeks, not months or longer.

    We’ll see if OpEx Friday leads to an unwinding of some of these pumped up index gains. Today the Nasdaq advancers seriously lagged the QQQ performance.

  2. The nice thing about the system being early is you have all day to pick the highs (best guess) and slide into your position(s). Then you get a nice pull back like today and hopefully a move lower.

  3. Fyi: JTS is going long. CCI is staying short. JT Comp going to cash.