Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hold confirmed.

3:55pm: Hold confirmed.


If today turns out to be an uneventful range day typically seen after large up days, then we should expect a hold signal. I am hoping for a pullback to occur over the next few days, though probably not today, which should give us at least a small gain on this short trade before the next buy and/or cover signal.

I've updated the stats section. After the ~10% gain with the latest trade, we are squarely in the black again for the month and have topped +20% for the first time in 2012.

Here's to a slow and steady climb upwards to my +100% goal for the year. We are well on our way.

Ok... time to be productive. No need to watch the market, especially on a day like today. See ya back here at 345p ET.


  1. Thanks J, I have seen your work and I appreciate what you do. I have been following your signals and doing some real trades for this month and you have been spot on except for 1 call. Kudos and thanks.

  2. J your calls have been spot on here lately. My risk management requires me to put stops in place.
    "live to trade another day" is a cliche but make sense. You have a 50% stop in place for a long trade. But what about a short trade when the market is "healthy". Maybe put a stop at the max draw down.
    However, your system has an awesome track record. Trade on !!!

  3. Good suggestion on the max draw down half stop. I'll look into it. Thanks.

  4. J, your system is in conjunction with another premium service i see, i will be following your ETF guide from now, hopefully i can gain back most of what i lost in the second quarter. thanks for your help.