Friday, September 23, 2011


I will be on vacation all next week. Beginning Monday, I will not be able to post my signals in real-time. However, I will be updating my page every so often, so feel free to visit. Best case scenario, I'll post my signals during the evening hours - after the close... or the following morning before the open.

As for today, if the market were to close right now, we would be getting a strong buy signal. I'll keep you posted. Also, as a reminder, I am using stops now. So if the buy signal is confirmed this afternoon, we would have a manual stop loss if the SPX dips below 1101.54. In that event, close half of the long position on the close that day. Let the other half ride.


  1. Enjoy your vacation! You certainly deserve one for all the good work you do here :-)

  2. I heartily agree with Michele. Enjoy your postings and commentary very much.

  3. Thanks all! :) Taking kids to Disney World for the first time. Should be fun. Have a good weekend.