Friday, September 16, 2011

Hold... But go long if...

Two possible outcomes today. Go 50% long TNA if SPY closes at 120.35 or lower. I suppose this is not very likely. Otherwise, the system will produce a hold signal and will remain on the sidelines. I will carry my small short position that I entered this morning over the weekend...unless of course, we get the buy signal. Have a good, stress free weekend!


  1. Big last minute push by the Bulls... are you sure?

  2. Agree w/ Michele. No buy signal today so I'm holding my shorts.

  3. Well, TZA is now at LOD and going down. TNA would have been a good play today from 10am to now...

    Bulls seem to have some strength, they just like to wait until 3pm... or that's when they wake up from their 15 martini lunch and decide to actually buy...

  4. Some serious dip buying going on.

    NASDAQ just went positive, with DOW and S&P falling fast...

    I hope we gap down tomorrow or just keep falling as we have already lost $2 on TZA...

    Gotta love it. Should have sold this morning at $44

  5. Positive Greece news is what drove the late market rally. Not sure it will hold the market up and carry over tomorrow.

  6. "Big last minute push by the Bulls... are you sure?"

    Yes, I'm sure. I don't pay any attention to intraday moves. Technically, TNA is going lower tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, we have a big Fed meeting this week and there's no TA that will analyze that. Should be interesting.