Friday, March 11, 2011


3:58pm: Official signal is "hold".  System is out of the market through the weekend. I took another small short position at TNA 77 (actually bought TZA at 40.75 since there were no shares for shorting...).  Like yesterday, it was more out of impatience than anything else.  Trying to make some money until I get a buy signal. 

12:08pm: Ok, the buy signal is gone and I'm getting a sell signal.  Since the system is already out of the market, this makes little sense - except to reinforce the fact that we may not be done going down.  Anyone looking to go long should do so with caution.  Unless something changes (and it probably will), I'll remain on the sidelines through the weekend.  I don't anticipate getting a short signal, but stranger things have happened.

10:55am: System flipped to a buy.  We'll see if it holds through 4pm.  

10:37am: We may get a buy signal today.  If the market closed right now, it would be a "hold", meaning my system is forecasting lower prices still.  But if a few things change just slightly, we'll get a buy.  I will update in a bit.

PS- Covered my TNA position on the open, so I'm back to 100% cash.


  1. Thanks for the commentary today. Interesting and helpful.

  2. No prob! My system was erratic today, flashing 4 out of 5 possible signals all in one day. The only one I didn't see was "cover". We actually briefly saw a short signal, which is when I bought some TZA. Makes me think I could use these intraday signals for daytrading... No way to back-test that though. Ended the day with another boring hold signal. zzzz... Have a good weekend.