Friday, March 25, 2011


5pm:  Weakness during the 2nd half of the session was welcomed.  It also turned the short signal I was seeing earlier into a "hold".   The end of March is typically weak, so hopefully next week provides a decent exit opportunity for my shorts along with a system buy signal. Have a good weekend all!

Morning post:  I'm getting a third short signal, not that it matters as the system is already all in, but just FYI.

This has always been the one area where my system struggles: in an unhealthy market (which basically means down trending) where we see a lot of strength, my system tries to sell the rally.  The problem is, these post weakness rallies recently (sept and dec '10) have been remarkably strong.  So if this is just like previous rallies we should be seeing new highs soon.  I'll be looking to exit the shorts on the next dip (hopefully there is one) and go long.  Target 1350-1360!


  1. Maybe we test 1303 Monday morning than looking to go long into May

  2. J do you use the same signals for 401k?

  3. gdlutz, I think we'll see very little upside the rest of this month. But you're probably right in the intermediate term.

    I can't use my own signals for my TSP retirement account b/c of the noon deadline and limited transfers. I follow Intrepid_Timer from to handle that. His stuff is pretty amazing.

  4. j how do i find intrepid_Timer on the website