Monday, March 21, 2011

Short confirmed

 4pm:  Short signal is confirmed.  I feel comfortable shorting here as long as we stay below the 50 day MA. 

12:42: System is advising selling longs and going short.

10:30am: A poor attempt at a gap fill by the bears in the first hour.  Probably means we'll close near the high of the day. 

10am: Well, a great weekend is capped off!   My limit sell order at TNA 78 was hit this morning (i like round numbers), so I am no longer long.  That doesn't mean I think we're done going up, just that I'm happy to not be greedy.  As for my system, I am getting a sell signal.  I will update later in the day whether that flips to a short signal or back to a hold.  If it does indeed flip back to a hold, I may order up another serving of TNA. :)  We'll see.  Happy trading all!

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