Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buy signal

3:45pm: The buy signal will indeed last into the close.  Confidence is not that high, so I'll only be taking a smallish long position.  Good luck all!

1:15ET: Looks like we're heading for a buy signal today.  I will update prior to the close.


  1. How do you handle the issue of a stop on your position?

  2. I don't like stop losses all that much, and I get enough signals that I don't really need to use them. That said, there are 2 stops built into the system for rare occasions. One actually got hit back in December.

    1) If I am long and the system flips from healthy to unhealthy, the long position gets closed.

    2) If I am short and the system flips from unhealthy to healthy mode. I cover my short position.

    Those are it, otherwise I let the chips fall where they may.