Thursday, May 15, 2014

Selling UVXY

Just sold the turd known as UVXY today at 47 .   Gave it a few extra days which paid off some, but still taking a loss is never fun. Thanks!   Until next time....



  1. For today, Epic Research suggests to SELL GOLD OCT 3 LOTS BELOW 26710 TARGET 26635 26535 SL 26800.

  2. Haven't passed this way in a while. Sad to see the demise of the site. Good luck to all the virtual friends that I made here, especially to J, who did his best to help people make money.

  3. The problem is, trading is about risk management. And the system didn't really have solid risk management, so even if you have consistent wins, you can also get smoked just as easily.

    Add the ETF leveraged decay and you're gonna have a bad time. Thanks for the effort. Good luck all.

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