Thursday, January 2, 2014

JT Composite closed

The JT Composite has exited its short position, rounding out the year with a nice winner.   This will be the last update for that system.   I still may mention it once in awhile though. 

If you're interested, GDX StochRSI is pegged at 100 2 days in a row now.   If DUST is down again tomorrow, a buy signal will be triggered.  I'll update tomorrow if indeed that is the case. 

Thanks all!


  1. can you add my email to your mailing address as

  2. please add my email also:

  3. I am wondering too since he isn't replying to emails. I hope he is ok...

  4. J said that he would only post when his new volatility and gold system issued a signal. I assume that it hasn't recently.

  5. J signed into the tsptalk website on January 22, 2014 so I am assuming he is at least alright. Maybe he decided to do away with posting his signals.

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