Friday, March 21, 2014

NUGT buy signal

GDX fired a buy signal yesterday at the close and I missed it.  System would've bought NUGT yesterday, but it gapped up today and already hit it's 5% target.   System 1, J-Trader 0

Will wait to see what happens next.  If GDX continues down, I will buy some.  Thanks!


  1. J, What does your model say about GDX having it's StochRSI <.05 for ~7 days in a row????

  2. I presume this is an abandoned trade... by all ? ... both J and LT101 ?

  3. J, I know you stopped your old trading systems from last year, but this year has been UNBELIEVABLY PHENOMENAL for trading... have you peeked at how well the systems would have done YTD?

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