Tuesday, December 31, 2013

JT Comp holding short... Last one!

Note: This will be the last daily email you will receive. Beginning in 2014, I will only be sending an email alert/tweet when either the VIX55 or GDX55 systems are entering a trade. I realize some of you may not care to receive these emails any longer, so please email me at jtrader21 at gmail.com and I will remove you from the distribution list. 
 I will go into more detail on the new systems tomorrow.  I will also send a final email/tweet when the JT Composite exits it's current short position.

Again, for those of you not interested in trading volatility or gold miners, just let me know.   Thanks!


  1. but u will continue to update your system status on this blog right?

    thank you and happy ny

  2. Happy New Year J!!

    Wish you had answered my email, but I will linger here for now...

  3. Happy New Year to all. And, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new gold and volatility systems, J.

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