Thursday, December 26, 2013

100% Short TNA

Systems are in agreement again today - about midway thru the Santa rally. The JT Composite now moves to 100% short TNA, or long TZA if you wish. Additionally, the VXX system kicked off a buy signal (which in 2014 will officially be tracked here in favor of the JT Composite). I'm still developing a name, but since its goal is to earn 5% in 5 days, I'm considering going with "5-in-5" or "VIX 55". To get the 5%, it requires the use of the 2x UVXY (long and short) ETF rather than 1x VXX or XIV. Also as I've stated before, the system works with gold miners (GDX) so there will be a "GDX 55" system as well which will officially trade DUST/NUGT. The 55 system would probably work on plain GLD when trading UGLD and DGLD but I'm not too interested in those.

Again, more details on the "5-5" systems are forthcoming, but for now I will open a 50% position in UVXY at 15.88. Target (limit sell) price will be set for 16.67. I will scale into the position and if it goes lower, I will adjust the target sell price to 5% above my average buy-in.  Chances are good it could go lower considering the Santa rally lasts thru Jan 2.



  1. Nice call here J! Are the vix signals vs prior signals dependent on some other indicator so as to make them additive?

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