Tuesday, December 3, 2013

100% Long XIV

Both CCI and JTS are going long today. I'll ditch my TZA from Nov 22 for a small gain. This is where I would normally go long XIV. But incidentally, both my VIX and GDX systems are making moves today. Since I'm ditching the JTS and CCI in 2014, I'm going to try out these new systems officially here for the first time using real money. I'll be shorting UVXY and going long NUGT - looking for a 5% profit in each. There is a chance both could continue to move against me so I will hold back some cash just in case. Again, my exit will trigger on a 5% profit. Immediately after purchasing, I'll set a sell limit order and let them both ride. I'll give both trades around 5-6 days to hit my limit sell before I make a contingency exit. Thanks all for being patient as I transition to new strategies that are easier for me to follow/track/trade and should be significantly more profitable as well. We'll see about that last part... :)


  1. Thanks! NUGT already hit my 5%. Bought 25.50, out 26.77. Now waiting on UVXY to sink.

  2. J,

    It would be interesting to learn a little about the innards of your new system. In general, what is it looking at, what kind of backtesting did you do, was there any walk forward testing, etc.