Thursday, October 3, 2013


ATT's internet was down today and I was mobile - thus the late update. I was suprised the JTS didn't go long today. A down day tomorrow should almost certainly flip it long. The CCI remains long. A bounce seems likely but what do I know. I'm still holding my partial TZA position. C ya tomorrow. Thx!


  1. is the system still healthy?

  2. Unfortunately, there's no real way to know. The only way to gauge the viability of a system is through long-term live trading, and J's system doesn't have that kind of history and won't for a long time. Another approach is to evaluate the logic behind a system, and, for perfectly good reasons, J has chosen to keep that proprietary.

    1. I don't think Steve was asking if J's system was any good, I think he is asking about the Market Status indicator...

      Just me... ;-)