Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Short confirmed!

3:59pm: Short signal confirmed.  Short at will...

Earlier post:
The recent strength of the market this afternoon, in concert with the gradually sinking VIX is helping to produce a short signal.   I will update just prior to the close to confirm...


  1. Hello. Found your website and am very interested. Currently have a TSP account and a small Scottrade account.

    Since your system gave a short signal late today does that mean buy TZA at the open tomorrow?

    Also what is the best way to use your system for my TSP account?

  2. Welcome. Using my system for TSP purposes has proven difficult given the 12pm deadline and limited interfund transfers. I'm working on something though.

    As for when to enter a position, I almost always enter on the close. When I can't, I will set a limit order the next morning set at the closing price. For example, tonight I would set a limit buy order of TZA at 13.61 and hope that it fills in the morning. Only a gap and go downward (rare) would prevent this. Speaking of TZA, it truly is an ugly chart, period. Buying it goes against better judgment, so I hope not to hold onto it very long. Trading against this insane uptrend is, well slightly insane. Thanks and good luck.