Monday, November 25, 2013

Hold short

No changes today, I will continue to hold TZA. To update from a previous post, I'm still working out some kinks with a new volatility trading method that should go live in 2014 - trading XIV, VXX, or UVXY. I've found the same rules work very well for gold miners (GDX) as well, which means I'll be dabbling in DUST/NUGT. Coincidentally, the GDX test system went long NUGT on the open today, looking for a 10% gain as a trigger to exit. In the future, the target will likely be set at 5%. Get in, get a quick 5%, get out. More later! Thanks! J


  1. That is awesome J. Thanks for the look-ahead!

  2. Thanks, J. Do you care to talk in general about the innards of your volatility system?

  3. It's simple. Uses extremes in CCI and Stochastics RSI. Both period 14.