Friday, November 12, 2010

Buy generated

Current market status:  Healthy
Friday's Signal: Buy/Long

I added to my long position at the close Friday.   This coming week is OEX so it could be interesting.   I have nothing much to add, so I'll just leave what I posted earlier on Friday.  Take care.

My model is showing a down thrust today.  Down thrusts (and up thrusts) are a relatively new feature of my system.  Thrusts of either kind in a healthy market are usually short term bullish. The last time the VIX was up 11% in 1 day was a couple weeks back.  The following day TNA was up 4.5%.   The down thrust before that occurred 9/23 and TNA was up over 9% the next day.  Down thrusts in an unhealthy market are bearish, so at this point I'm not too worried since the market is healthy.  The system is yielding another buy signal today, meaning I will add to my long position.  On a related note, I went 100% S fund in my TSP account.  Good luck all and have an enjoyable weekend.

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