Monday, August 23, 2010

Trend System Sell - Tuesday or Wednesday...

The green (13MA) line is about to cross below the 34 EMA red line, indicating the trend is down again.  This is a sell signal and hints at more downside in the near future.  It has not crossed yet, but is on pace to cross Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will put another post up as soon as I'm sure they have indeed crossed.

On the bright side, we are seeing some positive divergence in the CCI indicator, posted just below the SPY here.  More times than not, that is a pretty good indication to buy. It's unfortunate the system is out of sync.  We'll see which indicator is correct, the trend lines or the CCI. 

The Tidal Wave Man was mentioning year to date performance today, so I figured I would post the stats of my trend system on here....
(Percentages are calculated using the C-fund)

 12/31/09 - 1/6/10:  +2.03%
 2/12/10 - 2/17/10:  +2.27%
 6/03/10 - 6/15/10:  +1.21%
 7/07/10 - 7/13/10:  +3.30%
 7/30/10 - 8/2?/10:  -2.98% (as of close Monday)

Total return for 2010:  +5.83% 

Not too bad.  The biggest miss was the March and April rally when the system was in the G fund.

Attached: Image of all buy/sell signals for 2010. Click to enlarge.

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