Friday, July 30, 2010

TSP Trend System - Buy Signal - 7/30 - 11:30am

The uptrend that started a few sessions back has been confirmed by a bullish (green) bounce off the moving averages.  This is a buy signal. 

Time to go into stocks.  I'm doing 50% C, 50% S.  In the future, a sell signal would be generated 1 of 2 ways. A) By piercing the upper bollinger band, or B) If a downtrend commences - the ema's cross back down.  (That would be bad and would probably lead to a retest of the June low...)

The funny thing is this "buy" signal comes on the same date as the tidal system "sell" signal . (The next buy signal for that system falls on Aug 6).  We'll see which system is right.

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